Holding Parties Accountable for Wrongful Deaths

The loss of a loved one is an unspeakable tragedy that no one should have to endure. Nothing and no one can take away the sadness or grief that is caused by losing a loved one.  The loss of a family member is unquestionably devastating to a parent, spouse, child or friend.  At Cannon Law we approach all cases, no matter how big or how small, aggressively and with detail.  With that said, we give more attention and care to cases involving the loss of a life.   Cars can be fixed, bones can mend and most injuries can heal, however, the loss of one’s life is permanent.  At Cannon Law we give Wrongful Death cases the care and attention each family deserves and desires.   If your family has endured the loss of a loved one call Cannon Law.  Let us hold those who should be held accountable to the truth and let us fight for justice.  Call Cannon Law at 1-888-877-7141.


What is a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when an individual loses their life due to the negligence of another.  Common instance where Wrongful Deaths occur are in car accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle accidents.  A Wrongful Death can also occur due to accident at a job site or due to an accidental drowning.

Under the law, we all have a duty to take reasonable care in our actions no matter what they may be.  From driving a car to operating a fork lift, we have a responsibility to take proper care and precaution in order to make sure no one will be hurt or killed due to our actions. If you have lost a loved one Call Cannon Law and allow us the privilege of fight on your family’s behalf. Call Cannon Law at 1-888-877-7141 for a free consolation and let us fight for you.