Any road or highway can be an extremely dangerous place. Accidents happen on every day in Southern California, especially in Los Angeles. What can make any car accident even more dangerous is when a motorcycle is involved. On average, there are over 5,000 motorcycle fatalities across the country annually. In California alone, there are more than 400 fatalities and 10,000 motorcycle injuries each year on average. Cannon Law fights for individuals who have been injured on their motorcycles. If you have been injured while driving a motorcycle CALL THE CANNON at 1-888-877-7141 and we will fight to make you whole once again.


We ride. Some of the attorneys at Cannon Law are avid riders and we understand the dangers and responsibilities that accompany riding our bikes on our roads and highways. But with all safety in mind motorcycle accidents and motorcycle injuries still happen due to the carelessness of others that we share the road with. Cannon Law is your Motorcycle Accident Attorney.

At Cannon Law, we hope that no one will every have to endure the tragedy of being hurt or injured in a motorcycle accident. But when they do occur, motorcycle riders need help and we are here to help you. At Cannon Law our primary focus is getting any injured motorcycle rider the proper care and medical treatment necessary for a full recovery. Cannon Law will fight to enforce your rights to compensation for injuries, medical treatment, pain and suffering and all other damages you may be entitled to as a result of you motorcycle accident.

If you are injured while driving a motorcycle CALL THE CANNON at 1-888-877-7141. One Call Does it ALL.