Cannon Law, we are the Car Accident Lawyers. At Cannon Law, we understand car accidents better than anyone else. Dealing with the insurance company can be a complete nightmare, from getting your car fixed to just getting them on the phone. There is no such thing as a “simple auto accident.” The attorney’s at Cannon Law used to represent the Insurance Companies – so we know the tricks and tactics they like to use to minimize your recovery. Our Los Angeles Accident Attorneys know the Insurance Company’s “playbook” and we do not let them get away with it.


  • Our Attorneys used to Represent the Insurance Companies.
  • We have years of experience.
  • At Cannon Law we return your phone calls promptly.
  • When you Call The Cannon – you speak to an attorney, not a paralegal.
  • And most importantly, at Cannon Law we put the client first.

If You Have Been In A Car Accident CALL THE CANNON Today

Call The Cannon at 1-888-877-7141 for your FREE Consultation. Do not wait. Do not let the Insurance Company push you around or waste your time. Call the Car Accident Attorneys at Cannon Law. Car accidents are what we do. IF you do not have car insurance CALL THE CANNON. If you do not have health insurance CALL THE CANNON. Call the car accident guys at 1-888-877-7141 and we will fight to get you what you deserve – Full Value.

Cannon Law Represents Car Accident Victims All Over California:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernardino County
  • San Diego County